Enroll in MMU

You can pay your one-time donation of $50 in one of two ways:

1) Click button below to donate through PayPal

2) Select your preferred cryptocurrency by copy and pasting the key 

bitcoin logo.png

BITCOIN - 1qnexgmjglwksejz0pv644u4qqt5p4wf4g2sthrd

bitcoin cash logo.png

BITCOIN CASH - qpr60z0faaq6y4u9s3wdpfnf99r7dx4cevaszv5r89

Ethereum logo.png

ETHEREUM - 0x10373f67cE51BBD98611760829f3B6b8aff1328c

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MONERO - 42PAVk7fcEyAoAtUbZjvTPj34dgz5GusoNWoTeaM9qz7De8ip91BmemVSTFieBUb5baMDmtCAVfYSEj69z5DayHwN8cQpM9

litecoin logo.jpg

LITECOIN - 1qlqj7hc5t0c2qg6zgh0asw5k8utm0agm9l6wwe2

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DASH - XkpcnrfqCE22hqPpGnhPcy4nuYYgJYTAwL

zcash logo.png

ZCASH - t1fwwn4T51BBSYwh6Zb4HUPQMtLWNt1D1iM

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BNB - 1kc7mmrs6d7q4z2hrrxdduhq96da33y5jt4kyw0h

Make sure that you include the message with your donation: "I want to enroll in MMU!"
If donating by cryptocurrency, enclose an e-mail address so that I may send you the password in order for you to access the MMU Student Center.