MillennialMikey University


DISCLAIMER: MMU is NOT an accredited university.

Are you ready for the greatest education that you will never forget?

Are you ready to take control of your mind?

Are you ready to see the world for what it really is and make the best of it?

Then look no further than MillennialMikey University a.k.a. MMU. Here is what we will cover:

1) Eye-opening MillennialMikey Map studies introducing you to the true view of history, the CONSPIRATORIAL view.

2) Detailed studies of law, legal and sovereignty. You will learn why you are sovereign, how you lost your sovereignty and how you can correct your status in order to live in true freedom.

3) How we can reclaim control of our own minds by learning the Trivium and Quadrivium methods of learning.

To take part in MMU requires a one-time  donation of $50 by PayPal or in a cryptocurrency of your choice. Here is what you will get for your donation:


- Lifetime Membership Access
- Access to MMU videos that will be available for download (8 videos per month - 4 MM Map Lessons + 4 Legal/Sovereignty Lessons) approximately totaling 8-12 hours of  exclusive content 
- Outlines in downloadable PDF format to compliment each video released.
- Optional assignments in order to better your understanding of the material discussed. Highly recommended for those who want to learn even more.
- A weekly Q & A live stream.
- A Trivium/Quadrivium course list and reference list in order for you to get acclimated to learning by means of the seven liberal arts.
- A network of like-minded people who are passionate about the truth and are looking for proactive ways to free the earth.
- A wealth of resources to assist in your own independent research.