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Diary of MillennialMikey Entry #11 - A Trump Discussion with "Seth"

Hey guys! MillennialMikey here and....We Need 2 Talk! In today's entry, I discuss an e-mail that I received from a subscriber whom I will refer to as "Seth". He sent me an e-mail in response to my article, The Trump Supporters Won't Like This, But I Feel Obligated to Wake You Up! (No I am Not a LEFTIST). He enjoyed reading my article, however, he disagreed with my conclusion regarding Trump. He made the claim that Trump is dealing in an environment that is extremely toxic and has been for quite a long time. Because of this, he has no choice but to "play the game" so to speak and that if he were to blatantly go against the Deep State, that he would end up a casualty like JFK. JFK was assassinated when he tried to work against the Deep State back in 1963 and he believes that the same thing would have happened to Trump if he just went to work at fighting the Deep State immediately. "Seth" believes that he had to sign the USMCA and Secure 5G and Beyond Act to keep the Deep State at bay. He believes that Trump's hand are tied. At the same time, he feels that Trump is definitely getting under the skin of the establishment due to all the resistance that he deals with from the media, his colleagues in Washington, and the American people. So as a person who tried to understand the "big picture", I took what he said into consideration. I want to make it clear that I still do not trust Trump as I trust no man to be a savior so to speak. But in the interest of intellectual honesty I have though about it from "Seth's" perspective. However, my conclusion remains the same. And this has nothing to do with Trump personally. I am judging strictly based on his actions. It doesn't matter if the same actions were implemented by Trump, Biden, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, or even JFK. When I said that I trust no man to be a savior to the people and I meant that. My mind will NEVER change regarding that. There are only two things to trust in a time like this: God and yourself (exactly in that order). Every man has flaws and this connects with "Seth's" comment when he stated that Trump was not perfect. He also said that the current system is so sewage-ridden that trying to work clean in harder than many people think. I actually agree. As I stated before in past diary entries and my Before It's News articles, the system that all presidents have been working within is not that of a government within the confines of a constitutional republic. This is a Title 28 U.S.C. 3002 (15)(a) federal corporation a.k.a. the statutory United States. Past presidents have been working within a for-profit protection extortion racket masquerading as a government. A corporate government that does not recognize living men and women but recognizes only corporate entities/legal fictions. If you look at it from that perspective then perhaps people may understand why I do not place faith in Trump. Another way to look at this that the average American may not pick up on is that there are two forces at work: Dark and False Light. The dark side is the Deep State/Cabal. This is the side that Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, and the international banksters play for. I call this the Satanic Impulse. If you want to understand their ideology, I suggest reading The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Then there is the false light side. This is the team that Trump plays for. This side is known as The Alliance. Other factions of the Alliance may include "light workers", the Galactic Federation of Light, the Ashtar Command, and the Golden Dawn. I call this the Luciferian Impulse. If you want to understand their ideology, I suggest reading The Protocols of the Illuminated Sons of the Golden Dawn. So when looking at it from the perspective stated above, I am reminded of Vladimir Lenin's quote: "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." I have made a video that explains my reasoning called The Duality of Gadreel which can be viewed below:

It is of my opinion that these two factions appear to be at odds with each other on the surface, while behind the scenes they are working together with the same goal in mind: A New World Secular Order without God. So although I may disagree with "Seth's" opinion, I do respect him for wanting to share his thoughts without the need for name-calling and ad-hominem attacks. A word of advice for those who support Trump: you may want to take an example from "Seth" if you choose to speak in defense of Trump. If I were Trump and my supporters consist mostly of a good amount of the people who left such comments, I would disavow you. Just to be fair, this was not every Trump supporter who commented on the article. I can admit that I don't have the big picture, although I may believe myself to have a bigger picture than the average American, and that I can only speculate based on the information that I receive. My word of advice to Trump supporters is be ready for disappointment. Don't go all in for him . He may let you down. See you in the next entry. TAKE CARE!

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