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Diary of MillennialMikey Entry #12 - Confessions of a Former Light Occultist

Hey guys! MillennialMikey here and....We Need 2 Talk! In today's entry I would like to tell you about my past fascination with occultism. For those who may not be familiar with the two sides of occultism, allow me to give you a basic crash course on it. There are two sides: dark and light occultism. Dark occultism is considered the "left-hand path". Those who practice dark occultism are focused on personal gain in the material realm, whether it be for money, power and hedonistic pleasures. I like to label this as satanic occultism. Light occultism is considered the "right-hand path". Those who practice light occultism are focus more on service to others. This could be sharing occult knowledge in order to help people understand the spiritual aspect of life, being more humanitarian, and "serving the Creator". This polar opposite of dark occultism I choose to label luciferian occultism. When I first got involved with occultism nine years ago, I started of studying and researching dark occultism and called myself a "dark occultist" for the first two years of my truth seeking journey as I was interested in the "personal gain in the physical realm" aspect. I was not really interested in using it to control or have power over other people. I then started to look into light occultism by the end of my second year of studying and at that time came to the conclusion that striking a balance between dark and light occultism was the best course of action. In my mind, if I was using dark occultism for personal gain but not hurting other people, and then using light occultism to what I believed at the time was "serving the Creator" while being a light to other humans then no harm right? So I followed that "middle path" for a little over two years. After that period I became more attracted to light occultism as I was slowly withdrawing from dark occult knowledge and from 2016 to early 2019, I was strictly studying and practicing the "light side of the force". The reason why I am sharing this story with you guys is a warning to those who may be on the light occultism/right-hand path of their truth seeking journey. As a former light occultist, I want to inform you that light occultists are more deceived than the dark occultists. Allow me to explain. When you are practicing dark occultism, you know exactly why you are doing it and you don't kid yourself about it. Dark occultists usually choose that path to gain wealth, power and ultimate pleasure in the material realm. They are not concerned with serving humanity and they are not concerned with spiritual matters. The motives are purely sensual and hedonistic. However, light occultists believe themselves to be in service to God and to be doing what they are doing for spiritual purposes. Take it from a former light occultist, the path that you choose to take will not lead you to the one true God YHWH or to Christ. Now if you are a light occultist, "light-worker" and follower of H.P.B. or Alice Bailey and you are reading this, you may be thinking: "What does he know? He walked off the path anyway." The truth is I know from experience because when I was on the light occultist path, I ask myself the one question that pretty much began in repentence in 2019: "What would I need God for if human beings are this powerful?" It was at this point that I knew that I asked the wrong question. If you ever asked this question to yourself before, whether a dark or light occultist, you may want to stop and really search your soul as to why you would ask a question like that. At the time of my light occultism journey, I would try to rationalize why I felt the need to ask that question. Answers such as: "Well it's like when a child grows up and doesn't need his parents" or "Well God exists, but he doesn't get involved in human affairs because he wants us to learn and grow." But all I was doing was justifying my reasons for not needing God. This is dangerous and can really lead you to a terrible situation. I remember during the light occultism stage always getting into debates and arguments with Christians about how they believed in an outdated belief system and that believing that you need a savior meant that you thought all people are bad. But let's look at this another way: How many people on earth call themselves "light occultists"? Is the world really any better? I would say NO. Now granted you can say the same thing for those who call themselves Christians. The truth is that the many who accept the Christian label are anything but. True Christians don't just believe and have faith in Jesus/Yahushua but then continue on with their sinful ways. Jesus is not a "get out of hell free card". Christians would stand for what is right and hate all evil, but they don't. They let it continue and then make the excuse that Jesus will save us, rendering themselves inactive. This is evident in present-day by how many people that call themselves "Christian" willfully allow evil actions of their governments and allow their inherent rights that the Creator YHWH gifted to them to be stripped away because they would rather trust in man-made government's promise of "safety and security". This is what a lukewarm Christian is. Those who call themselves Christians must also remember that you must keep the commandments. Jesus himself said that: "For truly I say unto you, Till heaven and earth perish, one jot or one tittle of the Law shall not escape, till all things be fulfilled." - Matthew 5:18 (1599 Geneva Bible) "If ye love me, keep my commandments." - John 14:15 (1599 Geneva Bible) The truth is that both dark and light occultism comes from one source and that source is evil and leading people away from God. Although light occultist may mean well, they are either willingly or unwillingly being lead astray by the occult into feeling like they don't need to be accountable to the Creator. Those who call themselves light occultists, right-hand pathers, or light workers, there is one term that sums up what you all really are: lucifers! As I have stated in past content, a lucifer is a title, not a name. A lucifer is one that bears light and brings it to others. Now on the surface you may be thinking: "Well what's so wrong about that?" The "light" that light occultists and light-workers bring to others thinking that they are doing God's work is a false light; a LUCIFERIAN light. Whether you want to admit it or not, when you call yourself a light occultist, you are serving as a lucifer for THE Lucifer (who I have concluded is Gadreel, the serpent in the garden according to the first book of Enoch 69:6). If you call yourself a dark occultist, you are serving as a satan (adversary) for THE Satan (who is also Gadreel). Share this entry with an occultist so they can know the truth, especially those who call themselves light occultists. See you in the next entry. TAKE CARE!

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