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Diary of MillennialMikey Entry #13 - Truther Inc.

Hey guys! MillennialMikey here and....We Need 2 Talk! In tonight's entry, I want to address the people who get involved with the Truth movement in order to profit from it or become famous from it. No one can expect to be a true truth seeker and expect to be prosperous considering that in the future truth will be heavily suppressed because we live in a society of lies. This rings true to anyone with a YouTube channel or anyone trying to share true information on Facebook. This is what had forced many to migrate to the alternative platforms such as BitChute or LBRY. In addition, these platforms are not as popular as the Big Tech platforms which leads to have less of an audience. Since we presently live in the empire of lies, we are dealing with a "new-age book burning". But instead of books being burned, it's videos and content being purged from the most popular social media sites. As a person who shares truth content I do not expect to reach a million subscribers and if you are one of those people who think or feel differently, I am sorry to burst your bubble but it is not reality. The lies become more repetitive and promoted day by day to drown out the truth. I understand that in regards to the things that I discuss on my website it is not for everyone and I would be fortunate to reach between 1-5% of the global population (approx. 70 million to 350 million people) who may take an interest in the material I discuss. And that is being optimistic. I expect it to be a lot less than that. On top of that, another thing needs to be made clear. If you're sole or primary goal is profit or notoriety, you may not be very sincere about truth and you should find another way of generating income if that is the reason you decide to create truth-based content. Here is one of my earlier videos, I made it clear that I would not be involving my content on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram:

To those who may have YouTube channels or Facebook pages who feel compelled to mirror any of my videos, you have my 100% permission to do so free of charge. As a matter of fact, you don't even have to tell me that you mirrored it. With the exception of MillennialMikey University, all of my content is free to consume and share with others. This includes all my videos, my news articles on Before It's News, my PDF's and my diary entries for on the Diary of MillennialMikey blog. One more important thing for people who are compelled to begin sharing truth on the internet is that this journey does not win you a lot of friends and may cause you to lose some, most or all of them. If you feel it's not worth it, then don't do it. At the end of the day, you have to make a choice as to what is more important: the truth or other people's opinions. Be ready to be called "crazy", "negative", and "out-of-touch". Again, you have to make the choice yourself as to what is more important. I have already made my choice. Also keep in mind, that most of the people (at least 75%) will not want to hear what you have to say. And in the remaining 25% that may be open-minded, they are not on the same page as well. Within that 25% there are people that are not as deep into the rabbit hole as you may be. Some in that 25% may still believe in Trump or that politics is a way to solve our problems. Some don't believe in the spiritual aspects of what is going on today, so they focus on making change strictly in the physical world. So it is key to get those who may be at least somewhat aware to make sure to unite on something that they can all agree on, mainly that the government that we have right now does not have our best interests in mind and only care about their own power. From there you can build. To conclude, I would like to announce that I will be greatly reducing the donation fee for MillennialMikey University to $50 for lifetime access. I came to the conclusion that these are indeed hard times and the previous fee may have been too much for people to handle. In better circumstances, I would have made it free of charge but unfortunately this is the best that I can do. I will also be sharing on my website and video platforms a preview of some of the things that I will be talking about in MillennialMikey University so that way if you are interested in learning more, it will give you more incentive to enroll. See you in the next entry. TAKE CARE!

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