MAN DOWN: Brighteon

In this edition of MAN DOWN, we look at the censorship attack on Mike Adams's video sharing platform, Brighteon.

King of Utah's COVID Mandates

King of Utah issues a state of emergency and his COVID edicts to his subjects in Utah.

Bolshevik Takeover

The election fraud is nothing more than a distraction. This is the Bolshevik Revolution 2.0

Q - Game Over?

QAnon has not released a drop since Selection Day. Apparently there has been no comment on the Trump loss.

False Flag 

I talk about a possible false flag being circulated by the NAACP while speaking about who are the hidden hands behind this organization.

8 Predictions for 2030

In this video I give my commentary about the World Economic Forum's "8 Predictions for 2030".

Please refer to my "C4: COVID Climate Change Crossover" video and my Before It's News Article "First Comes COVID, Then Comes Climate Change".

PSA -"Selection" Day

This is a short PSA in the spirit of the Presidential "Selections".

Article Response

This is a video response in regards to a comment I received from a reader in regards to my article I wrote on "Before It's News" article called "God's Chosen People" who accused me of promoting anti-semitism. You can read the article for yourself here and you can decide for yourself.

MillennialMikey Meets Mike Adams

MillennialMikey was invited on Mike Adams's Brighteon Conversations to talk. The full length interview can be heard here.

C4: Covid Climate Change Crossover

In this video I connect some dots regarding COVID-19 and climate change.

Stop, Swab and Go + 74% Will Get CONVID Vaccine

I am in awe that people are still willing to get the CONVID-19 vaccine, let alone SEVENTY-FOUR PERCENT!! (67% in the United States alone). Plus a story that was told to me from the founder of Crypto4Causes in regards to "stop and swab" CONVID-19 tests on the west coast. The walls are closing in.

MillennialMikey Research Plan - Sovereignty

This is part 1 of a multi-part series for those who are interested in doing independent research. I present four site resources about sovereignty and learning what your true status is and how to claim it. This is a must see for those who want to know about their unalienable rights!

5G Deployment Map

So in my curious nature I wanted to know exactly where 5G is deployed so far. Is it in your town?

Mandatory Vaccines - Line in the Sand

I couldn't help myself. I had to do a video on this. Mandatory flu vaccines for children returning to school in Massachusetts. This is getting to be too much. Stand up or bow down! I already know where I stand.

Masks and Social Distancing in the Home??

Okay so I know that I promised you guys that I wouldn't do another COVID video, but I just couldn't resist after coming across a news article regarding a police officer urging residents of San Antonio to wear masks and practice social distancing INSIDE THEIR HOMES! Madness!

My Unmasked Rant

Happy "Independence" Day! This video is my opinion on the mask mandates occurring nationwide plus my experience dealing with the masked people.
I also give my opinion on a possible attack today and urge everyone to stay safe.

Killing the COVID Lie

In light of what seems to be the preparation of pandemic 2 through mandated masks and states going back into lockdown, I am making this series to arm everyone with knowledge so that they do not fall into the same trap of surrendering their liberties for the same manufactured false flag.

2020 - Year of Clear Spiritual Vision

In this video, I wrote and shared a heartfelt message as an attempt to get out a critical message during a critical time. Share this message to everyone you know!

President Akufo-Addo Blows the Whistle on COVID

President Nana Akufo-Addo blows the whistle on COVID-19 in this informative video.

Don't Comply With this Nonsense

This is a short video expressing my disgust for a mandate stating that white people in Lincoln Country, Oregon must wear masks, while non-whites do not have to comply. As a person of color, I am in shock and I urge white people in Lincoln County do not comply with this foolishness.

The Duality of Gadreel

This video gives an introduction into a graphic that I put together that breaks down the false dichotomy of Ahriman and Lucifer, which is nothing more than two sides of the same coin to deceive people into a false choice. It all comes from the serpent who lead astray Eve, Gadreel, a.k.a. The Dragon of the Book of Revelation.

The Trump Trifecta

This in-depth video will explain in three ways why Trump is not America first and will not save you. I speak about three things in particular that proves Trump committed treason.

American Revolution 2.0

In today's video I discuss Antifa's plan to come into suburban and rural areas of America to cause chaos and how it is time for Americans to be alert and protect their communities. Plus I will be sharing articles once again exposing George Soros a.k.a. George Schwartz and how the MSM is dispensing disinformation in order to fuel racial division.

Govern Yourself

This is a short rant video where I talk about how it's important not to get sucked into the "new normal" that the powers that shouldn't be want to bring us into. It's time to be sovereign and tell the state to go to hell.

Give Us a King

In this video, I speak on how the masses have a desire to have a leader and to abdicate responsibility to someone else, relieving them of responsibility and leading them further away from freedom.

Putting a Q-Head in Check

So after posting my "Breaking the Trump Spell" video, a Q-Head from Gab decided to repost my video on his wall and defame me by calling me a pathetic shill for the left. So I gave him the business.
If you haven't watched my "Breaking the Trump Spell" video, watch that first in order to get some context before watching this one.

Breaking the Trump Spell

So in this video I attempt to break the Trump spell. This is a warning for those who are avid Trump supporters or Q followers. I critcally expose Trump using news articles that you can discover on your own. If you believe Trump can do no wrong this video isn't for you.

George Floyd Psyop? BUSTED!

Well the powers that be are exposing themselves and seem to be going all in to implement their globalist NWO. In this video I surgically expose this psyop.

Say No To Vaccines

I talk about the upcoming "mandatory" vaccines that Trump has planned to administer by means of the military by the end of the year and how you can politely refuse them by means of a Vaccine Safety Clause.