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Hello, my name is Gregory a.k.a. WEALTHY MIND.

We are going to talk about a topic that catches the attention of many people: FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

But before we get into the details, we must touch on two basic concepts:


People get nervous when they hear the word COMMISSION when it comes to work. But it comes down to this: 

Would you prefer security or freedom?

People who prefer security, want a steady wage or salary. People who want freedom wants the sky to be the limit.

When you choose security over freedom, you set a ceiling for your potential. In addition, you work hard to make someone else's dreams come true.

When you choose freedom, you know your worth. In addition, you work hard to make YOUR dreams come true. And your income potential is limitless.

Security equals slavery and limitation. The problem is people have been indoctrinated to accept security over freedom. Don't you think that you are worth more than that?

Freedom requires taking 100% responsibility for your life. You don't make excuses, you produce results. If you work hard enough and are willing to change your way of thinking, you will achieve your freedom.

In terms of RECRUITNG, whether you realize it or not, we are recruiting someone at some point. We recruit people for personal relationships, for business, even the military recruits.

Recruiting is merely conversing and learning information about someone in order to decide if a person is right for you in terms of a personal or business relationship. People do this everyday. If you can talk to people casually, you can recruit.

If you can come to terms with these two concepts, you can achieve financial freedom. But the change starts with you. You must switch your mindset from one that is security-based to a mindset that is freedom-based.

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Today I would like to talk to you about investing. Not just about investing in business opportunities, but in ourselves as well

The truth is that life as we lived it almost a year ago is becoming a thing of the past.

So you have a choice:

(a) You either continue to do the same thing we have been doing and change nothing


(b) You change with the times

In order to put choice (b) into action,  it is a must to change your mindset. Once we have done that, you make sure that you do not shut out opportunities, but rather expand your horizons and open up to new opportunities.

You can increase our values by learning new skills and starting your own business. Since the world is changing and headed in a different direction, you must step outside your comfort zone in order to achieve success. 

In terms of money, you have to adapt to things such as coin shortages and the end of paper currency. So it is wise to invest in precious metals . Silver and copper are good investments for those who don't have a lot of money. For those that have more money to invest, it's a good idea to buy gold, platinum and palladium.

Another wise idea is to learn more about the blockchain and diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio. Bitcoin is quite expensive nowadays, but other affordable alternatives are Monero, Dash, Litecoin and Ethereum.

The most important thing is to diversify. Do not put your eggs in one basket. 

Besides investing in financial opportunities, it is also important to invest in your well-being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Make sure you to take better care of yourself. Exercise, eat better, read more, pray/meditate, make time for friends and family, and do things that bring you joy.

Always remember that no one will change your life except you. Don't dwell on regrets and most importantly don't create situations that will bring you regret. You can change your life, but you must change your mind first before any change in the physical world occurs. 

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